Rock & Roll 2019

Rock & Roll Revue 2019 to Bruges 8th – 10th March 

Hundreds of photos from John Ashton – official photographer HERE

(See some photos of our fabulous dancers HERE  )

Mike Sanchez & the Portions -Bamboozle – Earl Jackson Band

“Lovely, lovely people, great times and great memories” (LG)

Mike Sanchez pic – John Ashton



Pic – John Ashton





Pic – John Ashton

Thomas Bull pic – John Ashton



Mark Morgan
-pic John Ashton

 “A wonderful trip to Bruges with great friends” (RR)


Serena Sykes (Bamboozle)
Pic – John Ashton

Bamboozle in action (JA)

Les Curtis (Bamboozle)
Pic – John Ashton

Jim Knowler (Bamboozle)
Pic – John Ashton









Earl Jackson pic – John Ashton

Pic of Earl Jackson – John Ashton


George Price with the smallest bass on-board! (JA)

Drum maestro Sam Kelly lays it down (JA)

Janos Baytala on keys (JA)





M/C Michael in pensive mood (JA)