Blues Revue 2019


Blues Revue 2019 (to Bruges) …1st-3rd November

M/C ‘Cowling Wolf’ (Pic John Ashton)

Introducing… The European Blues Brotherhood


Sean Webster (UK)
– John Ashton















Roberto Morbioli (IT)
(Pic – John Ashton)


Kai Strauss (DE) – Pic John Ashton

Ruud Gielen (NL) – Pic John Ashton

Floris Poess (NL) – Pic – John Ashton

Hilbrand Bos (NL)
(Pic-John Ashton)


“Another cracking cruise with wonderful blues and wonderful like-minded people, Bruges is such a lovely place too –don’t get me going about the beer, chocolates and chips…” (TAW)

 Introducing …Kyla Brox

Kyla Brox
(Pic John Ashton)

Kyla plays flute
(Pic – John Ashton)

“It really is amazing how you get such a variety of top class artists together and a trip to Bruges for the princely sum of £99” (A&JF)

Introducing Earl Jackson…

Earl Jackson sings the blues!
(Pic – John Ashton)

Earl plays Chuck Berry – (pic John Ashton)



“Was a wonderful blues cruise” (AMP)

Introducing …Teed Up


Steve Roux of Teed Up (Picture John Ashton)

Ray Drury – Teed Up
(Picture – John Ashton)

Bernie Fox – Teed Up
(Picture – John Ashton)

Steve Browning – Teed Up
(Pic – John Ashton)

Introducing .. Comptoire Des Arts, Bruges (featuring Long Tall Danny)   Long Tall Danny info

Bram & Desiree welcomed us to their blues bar

Long Tall Danny whose Blues Combo included Gino Claeys (drums), Carlo Vanbelleghem (bass), Frederick Defraeye (lead guitar) and Geerard Degroote (sax) (Pic John Ashton)

Carlo in action
(Pic – John Ashton)

Blowing up a storm!
(Pic John Ashton)

And a guest appearance from Hartlepool’s own Tom Wilson on harp
(Picture – John Ashton)

“It was really wonderful, we loved every minute” (LJC)

Introducing Sarah & Paul -Blues Dance Tutors.

From Crossroads Blues Dance Society, Derby
(Pictures-John Ashton)

Sarah & Paul

  Lots more pictures soon























Onshore, in a special location .a private party with …..

Our venue in Bruges

Bruge’s Top Bluesman –

‘Long Tall Danny’ and his Combo


Top Belgian Bluesman