Blues Revue 2018

2nd-4th NOVEMBER 2018 (Hull – Amsterdam)

We’re back!

The Revue as recorded by our resident photographer John Ashton (JA)

International Blues Revue 2018 (JA)

Ben Tysack – and his Brasso section! (JA)

Pasadena’s Guy Tortora (JA)

“What a wonderful weekend of music with lovely people!” (TQ)


M/C ‘Cowling Wolf’ running the show (JA)

“Such a fun event” (JS)

Teed Up’s Steve Roux (JA)

“Amazing!” (KW)

Sam Kelly’s Station House was the 2018 ‘House Band’ (JA)

Julia Titus (as ‘Ma Bessie’) celebrates the music of Bessie Smith (JA)

 “My first blues cruise, what a great weekend. ” (JT)

Rowena Poole featured with SKSHB (JA)

“I had an absolute blast! (RP)

‘Little Steve’ brought some high-octane guitar from the Low Countries (JA)

On the floor! (JA)

” A lot of talent on that boat!” (SR)

Texan bluesman Lightnin’ Willie and his Poor Boys flew in from the USA (JA)

And, in Amsterdam

Sean Webster and his Dutch band tore up ‘The Waterhole’ (JA)

“Thanks for another great weekend” (JC)


Richard Sadler SKSHB’s bassist (JA)


Ben Tysack lays down ‘Lincolns’ (JA)

Steve Browning and Ray Drury of ‘Teed Up’ (JA)