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See below for  thoughts and images from our Blues Boat Community (2015-19)

Rock & Roll fans!










“Lovely lovely people great times and great memories” (LG)

‘The Cruisettes’


Jerome, Rowena and Willie- brought together by the blues (RP)

West Yorkshire – twinned with Bruges!

All in the same boat 3 (AF)

Drummers of the World Unite!

Jive Train! (GB)


“Hope there’s another soon!” (PB)

“We had a great time on the cruise” (SE)

The Waterhole was packed for Sean Webster’s Band (GF)

“So good to have a festival where the artists mingle with the punters, clearly all having a good time.” (AW)

After the show, relax – (2)

After the show …relax! (1)







“Great weekend.Thanks for it all.Hope there’s another one!” (K&N C)

Great dancing on the International Rock & Roll Revue…the stars of the show!

Around and around! (JA)













Bradford Teddy Boys!

Tom and a Texan!

Bird’s Eye View! (AD)

Abi & David (Africa Studios PA) meet Veronica

Cast, Crew and Cruisers – All in the Same Boat!

“Two fab nights aboard and a long day in Rotterdam wiped me out but what a blast! Thanks for the music and the love”  (A.) 

TW jammin’ with Andy – setting the tone for the cruise!

New friends!





Show on! (DT)

Show on! (DT)

Terrific entertainment all round. The Saturday night finale fantastic. Looking forward to another “Sea Cruise”. Many thanks to you and your team. (K&S M)

North by North West

“Yea was a blast man! Could have stayed there all week doing it. (NMc –Cast)

Cast, Crew and Cruisers – All in the same boat! (2)

“This format is an absolute winner, everything about it is just right.” (SW) 



Falkirk’s Fiona in full voice (AJ)

““A great event crammed full of stunningly good music and performances.   (TH)

Champagne! (It's the last time we get 'party poppers' from Poundland!)

Champagne! (It’s the last time we get ‘party poppers’ from Poundland!)

If the Cast has fun the Cruisers do, too!

“All-around wonderful experience. I am not one for cruises generally but this one was so laid back and relaxed and my cabin was so cute!” (LM)

An ever-present and an inductee

All hands on stage (JG)

A brilliant weekend!” (RO)

Cast, Crew and Cruisers - All in the Same Boat! (JA)

Cast, Crew and Cruisers – All in the Same Boat! (JA)

Great weekend on The Blues Cruise. Great bands and brilliant jam session. Pride Of Hull was the boat that rocked -in more ways than one. (CC)

North Sea North Easterners! (DC)

North Sea North Easterners! (DC)

“We all had a wonderful time. Everything  was great,  the ship, the trip to Amsterdam and of course the entertainment” (MB)

Marcus & Adrienne

Marcus & Adrienne

“A magnificent Blues Cruise. Such a list of favorite performers. What makes it better, is being able to share the time with so many friends” (JW)

Mardi Gras Finale (MW)

“Thanks again for a great and memorable weekend” (M&R C)

Kyla and Lisa (FR)

Kyla and Lisa (FR)

 “I wanted to tell you  personally how much me and my friend (a different age group being 40 years younger than me!) really enjoyed the whole event and especially the last evening with all the jamming of the musicians.  I just hope that you might consider making it an annual event because if you  do, please put me on your list of partakers. It was great fun ” (JS)


Ian Solo (KM)

Ian Solo (KM)

“Brilliant weekend, fabulous bands, wonderful friends. Let’s all do it again sometime” (CO)



Michael & Barbara – Parchman Productions – put together the line-up


Smiling inside!

 “Looks like our 2017 minibus is filling up already!” (DC)

Norman meets a bird in Amsterdam (JG)

“Thank you for making our first ‘blues cruise’ such a great experience!” (AF)

Bird's Eye View (JA)

Bird’s Eye View (JA)


Fabulous weekend can’t wait for next year (KW)

Mardi Gras beads souvenirs back in ‘Tod’ (DT)

“Many thanks for a great blues cruise” (NW)

All in the same Boat! (JA)

Brilliant music brilliant night can’t wait for next year (DG)

A photo from Darren …a Blues@Sea ‘ever present’

“Definitely next year daughter wants to come too” (LS) 


Sound Alliance provided sound for the first two blues cruises (JA)


P&O Blues Revues are a ‘word-of-mouth phenomenon’ relying on YOU to spread the word – see you (and your friends) at the next one!


North East to the North Sea (DC)

North East to the North Sea (DC)

Carole & Mike's new recruits make their plans (MF)

Carole & Mike’s new recruits make their plans (MF)

(Top) Darlington’s Dave and Rob came on the 2015 ‘cruise’ and returned in 2016 with a ‘bus 

(Middle) Haworth’s Carole & Mike came as a couple in 2015 then returned in a party-of-eight in 2016 – spread the word!

( Bottom) Three generations enjoy the Mardi Gras




Proud to have recommended artists

Proud to have recommended artists

 Many thanks to all fellow-cruisers providing photos/videos on this site .. John Ashton (JA), Chris Owens (CO), Adrienne Jackson (AJ), Frankie (FF) Fiona & Les(FR), Darran Turner (DT) Tony Jenkins (TJ), Brian Glover (BG) and Keith Moore (KM) John Guthrie (JG), Megan Williamson (MW) Sue Trafford (ST) Barry Lambert (BL) David Carter (DC) Rowena Poole (RP), Abi Dixon (AD), Jenifer Goodwill (JG), Jerome Marcus (JM)Jeff Sorenson (JS)